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This is a post copied from Serenity's Facebook page "Serenity's cause" on March 29, 2021:

This will be a combo post covering the last treatment (Mar 15) and today’s treatment (Mar 29) for Serenity.
I apologize for not posting an update for Serenity’s last treatment. I got real busy at work and am just now starting to catch up.
**(Last Treatment): As usual, Serenity is a trooper and took her treatment with stride. We got a little scare when the sample they take after each treatment came back with a little blood in it. But after the parents talked to the doctor, there were told that a little blood is normal for her condition and is nothing to worry about right now. Keep those prayers coming please. In the bigger picture of it all, we are still in the very beginning of this, but prayers are always appreciated.
**(Todays Treatment): Serenity had a good weekend even though she is going through a emotional growing spurt. She is becoming a little bit mouthy and starting to get a attitude. All of which is of course welcomed over the alternative. At least this shows that she is PROgressing instead of REgressing! Please add Serenity to your daily prayers if you can. I know she appreciates it as well as all of us.
I am still trying to work to get Serenity’s website up but it is slow going as I am good at building radio studios and car stereo systems, but not good at building websites. I am trying to use WIX but like anything else, it is a learning curve. It seems that WIX is great if you want to build a site to sell something, but if you are wanting to build a site to share info/forum type of stuff, you have to work around their system. It’s great for a .com but not so much for a .org. If anyone knows someone who can help, my email is: . Please send an email and any ideas or suggestions that you have would be appreciated. I have already secured a domain and a very close friend (more like brother) has paid for 3 years of hosting through WIX, so that is handled. I just need help with learning how to build and maintain the site as well as future integration of some functions like a forum and to be able to take donations. Once again any help would be greatly appreciated.
I will be posting additional pictures as the parents send them in. Today is the first time that Serenity has been able to have BOTH parents with her for her treatment. Please keep the prayers coming. Serenity is doing good and the hope is that this trend continues and she gets to live a long and fulfilling life.
Love and thanks to all!

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