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This is a post copied from Serenity's Facebook page "Serenity's cause" on February 13, 2021:

Serenity is on her way to Houston for another infusion treatment. Due to the bad weather on its way, the kids thought it would be a good idea to leave early and take their time to head down there. I would agree, especially after what happened in FW with that 130 car pileup! (Prayers sent to all of those affected, hurt and to the unfortunate ones who died. May God be with you all and may his strength help you receive peace in your heart and mind and help you with your loss. Amen)
Hunter and Gage are on their way and have been able to get a room set up for an extra couple of days so at least they will be out of the weather and in town for the infusion. They have extra blankets, oil, transmission fluid and jumper cables to get them there and food for their stay so that they don’t have to go out. I checked out the car and all looks good. I kissed both of my babies and off they went.
Please pray for these three as they make their way to the treatment that will hopefully give us some extra time with Serenity and allow her to share that infectious smile and sunflower attitude with everyone she meets.

The following was an update to the original post on same day:

**UPTADE** They made it and are snuggled into their room out of the cold. They got caught behind a pileup for over 4 hours but made it through. The accident involved three Tractor/Trailers and two cars. Someone left in an ambulance but everyone else is ok.

Cause: Black Ice! BE CAREFUL YALL!

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