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This is a post copied from Serenity's Facebook page "Serenity's cause" on March 2, 2021:

Another week, another treatment. The micro seizures continue but the neurologist says that they are normal for the disease. So, if you were to say they every micro seizure would be a full blown seizure, then the treatments and medication are working. Thank you all for your prayers. The doctor that was supposed to go to Houston for the treatment training has completely backed out altogether. But the doctors in Houston have figured out something else and seem to be excited about what they have come up with. According to them, this should be the last trip to Houston for a treatment as long as there are no complications that come from one. The treatments should be able to be done in Dallas starting with her next treatment. We will get confirmation either later this week or next week. Once again, thank you for your prayers. Serenity is being her usual self. Not a clue as to what she is going through, or at least she’s not making it a big deal. Mom and Dad are doing a real good job showing her that this is just another day in the life of Serenity. She’s doing well and the doctors are in high spirits as she is the youngest patient ever with the least amount of progression that they have ever seen. I don’t want to call Serenity a “Test Case” but I’m sure that everyone is watching her chart closely as she is the first to be in her position. (Youngest with the Least Amount of Progression) Again, thanks for all the prayers. So Serenity will be going to spend the day at the beach tomorrow since this may be the last time they will be going to Houston if it all works out. Last time we took her it was a little cold, so this time she should be able to go play in the sand and water! She had also just had her diagnosis, so we were being real careful not to let her get sick. I’m going to be asking mom and dad for lots of pictures, so hopefully will have plenty of pictures to post once they get back.
Thank you to everyone for their prayers, keep them coming as it all seems to be working and coming together. Love you all! Till they return..

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